Stamatis Gonidis


He is considered as one of the "patriarchs" of Greek music. For almost 35 years his music is welcomed by the Greek diaspora in the whole world. Albums like "Yia Thimisou", "Etsi" and "Av M'AKous" are cherished by his fans. On top of that he is a true mentor to the next generation of artists in the country passing through his experience and musical talent. Stamatis Gonidis comes back from humble grounds – born in Kythos, he decided at young age to become a sailor. During his encounters with the sea his talent struck and he started writing songs inspired by his way of life. After he became a professional musician, Gonidis was quickly noticed by the Greek legends of the 80-s and the 1990s and soon he started writing their new hits. Every album with his songs became either golden or platinum – the audience just couldn’t have enough of him. Aside of being that successful as a musician, Gonidis is also a remarkable painter and well-known writer with his hit book "The flying adventure". His huge influence on Greek music just grows stronger and his name is written with golden letters in the modern culture of the country.


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We are proud to present two of the biggest contemporary Greek music stars – Stamatis Gonidis and Eleni Hatzidou. The highly anticipated concert will take place at The Royal Regency, London.

This event will bring together the large Greek diaspora in the capital city and will become a celebration of the nation’s culture and music.

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501 High Street , E12 6TH , London