Eleni Hatzidou


One of the most talented young Greek singers is born in Thessaloniki before she moved to Alexandroupolis at the age of 5. Being raised in a family of musicians, her career path seemed to be obvious. After graduating she grabbed her fate and started recording. Soon, in 2012, her first single called “Worst”, hit the radio stations and become an instant success. The next single “My View” also cought the attention of the critics and earned Elena a healthy fan-base. He persuaded the search for the spot-light in the reality show “Dancing with the Stars 4” and Eurovision 38. Now she is well-known and loved by the public after making duets with the most prominent Greek stars like Konstantinos Argyros, Thanos Petrelis, her singing partner for this event - Stamatis Gonidis and many many more. Elena Hatzidou is a contemporary cultural icon in Greece and her performances attract huge crowds around the Globe. She brings the hot rhythm of Latino sound, mixed with the traditional Greek vibe, which is loved by her fans and the critics. All in all, she is one of the artists that is a must-watch at a live performance. The experience will be overwhelming!


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We are proud to present two of the biggest contemporary Greek music stars – Stamatis Gonidis and Eleni Hatzidou. The highly anticipated concert will take place at The Royal Regency, London.

This event will bring together the large Greek diaspora in the capital city and will become a celebration of the nation’s culture and music.

501 High Street, E12 6TH, London

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501 High Street , E12 6TH , London